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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2010
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francsico trujillo

The first thing that happened was that there was a alien, and he was battling another alien to see who could throw the farthest. So homeboy throw the rock from space tosee how far he could get it, and as it came down it got bigger and bigger and suddenly it just stopped. And over the years a robot build itself and he had nothing to do so he just build it a clonemachine. So he would roam around the big rock, and one day god told a guy "I don’t like you B****!!" and threw him into the big rock and also he threw in a shotgun and told the guy "enjoy yourself punk A**trick". And so then the guy started looking around to see if he can find someone else and he found the robot, and suddenly he pulled out the shotgun and dumped on him causing him to blow his headoff. And so the guy was exploring until he seen the clone machine and he was about to step in it when god told this girl "Was up now! this is what you get for being a hoe". And so then homeboy hit onhomegirl and she was with it, and so homeboy smashed and they had a baby boy but that wasn’t enough so homeboy smashed again this time they had a baby girl. And so they started using the clone machine toduplicate, until this day they still clone people. And that's how the world is full of people, and now everybody is roaming around this big A** rock called "earth". The guy that got thrown in firstwas the one that named it that, and for that everybody bowed down to him because they thought he was a god. So then everybody started calling him "Pancho Villa". Everybody thought this guy was like tentimes better than Hitler himself. They thought this guy could rule, he was strong, he had super powers, he could read minds, he could see threw clothes, and he knew when someone was up to no good.But this all ended when he got shot by superman with a gun called "thirty-eight super blindada con cachas de oro" while villa was taking a S**t in his own bathroom. But he left on this perfect world...
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