Musical games

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Vargas (1998) says that: “The music is communication, is expression of feelings and states of spirits, is movement and is stillness, is spiritual manifestation”. The music is an art created for the human being and is a way to be identified with other people. The music accompanies the person since the birth until the death and for that reason it has become part of the manhimself.

The music became a way of distraction in the towns of the old cultures and the main form of celebrating the important times, as parties, food and religious moments. As well as Vargas (1998) affirms “in ancient cultures, music occupied an important place in the work of the people; it was present at the celebrations and religious activities”.

Kids who grow up hearing music, singing songs,and moving to the beat are enjoying what experts call "a rich sensory environment." That's just a fancy way of saying they're exposed to a wide variety of tastes, smells, textures, colors, and sounds. And researchers believe this forges more pathways between the cells in their brains. It has been said that children have a natural musical taste and that play is the only activity that they takeseriously. If this is so, teachers should not let song practice or any activity seem like work. They should keep it spontaneous. This has been shown to apply even to language teachers and its better when this kids can listen, enjoy music through games.

The Importance of music in children’s development:

Winberger (mention by Albuja, 1998) says that:

Of all the people that we know,including ourselves, ¿Who do not associate the different stages of live with remember of a song? If the music is so important for the adults, either in their youth like in their mature and the oldest, so for the kids that are discovering the world have the same importance (p 7)

The music is very important for everyone, does not matter the age, but we have to know that the children really enjoy singand listen to music; even they cannot understand the real meaning of a specific song that’s why preschoolers develop a catalog of songs, from "Happy Birthday" to "Old MacDonald" to express their selves.

Also to be fun, the music “improve the cerebral development and, even more, improve all the skill (…) as the lecture and the mathematics” (Winberger, mention by Albuja, 1998) This turned it intoa great tool that should be used constantly for preschool teachers, to get the successful of each student.

According to Moorhead (mention by Albuja, 1998) “the music is present in each culture around the world and the parents and tutors have to communicate with the children by babies songs and the infant language”. It is convenient that teachers and parents introduce the music to theirkids at early age, because in that way they are going to grow with all the advantages that the music offers.

The music environment

Vargas (1998) affirms that: “since the child is in the maternal womb, is influenced by the sound ambient of the external world, as well as for noises and sounds caused by the mother's organism”. The first sense that the child develop in the womb is the ear, so isvery important to create a musical environment full of harmony and security.

Since the birth, the biggest influence to the musical future is the family environment and specially, the mother. The songs to sleep, the songs of fables and others are part of the musical ambient of the child, as well as Vargas (1998) mention “the mother lulls the baby with traditional lullabies often accompanied withsongs for everyday activities like bathing, food or bedtime”.

As Vargas (1998) affirms, “the musical activity should be spontaneous, natural, integrated to all the activities that the kid carries out: that there is always music and that the small child enjoyment of its”. in the preschool stage it is not necessary to teach theory to the infant about music; the first thing is to create in them...