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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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September 16, 2009
Biology- Hour 1

Radish Lab

Between orange juice and water, which liquid will produce a larger radish plant?
If we pour orange juice and water into two different petridishes with radish seeds, then the orange juice will produce a larger plant, because orange juice seems to contain more things a plant needs to grow – such as vitamins and minerals rather than the water.In fact, water contains nothing but a small amount of sodium, while orange juice is a power rejuvenator and contains more healthy things so therefore, it should grow a larger radish plant. Just asorange juice would satisfy a thirsty human, more than water would.
For this experiment, you will need: two petri dishes, one graduated cylinder, four sheets of paper towels, six radish seeds, a ruler anda carton of orange juice. First, (remove the tops of the petri dishes)label your petri dishes. Label one of them with a “OJ” for orange juice, and the other with a “W” for water. Then, you take oneof your paper towels, and lay it at the bottom of a petri dish. Repeat this for the second dish. After that, you place three seeds on top of the paper towel in each petri dish. Take the other papertowel, and place it on top of the seeds in both petri dishes. In the dish labeled “OJ”, using the graduated cylinder, pour 15mL of orange juice into the dish, then place the top back onto it.Repeat this step in the next petri dish labeled with a “W”, but instead of pouring 15mL of orange juice, pour 15mL of water. Clean up your lab station! Every two days, you are to come back and measureeach root of the radish plant with the ruler, and record your observations on the data table provided.
In this controlled expirament, the independent variable is the types of liquids poured into thepetri dishes to water the radish seeds. The dependent variable is how long the root of the radish plant is. The control group is the radish plants that are watered with water. The experimental group...
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