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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2010
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ARH200/386276 05/20/2010

Dorothy Gillespie, Mixed Media, “Symphony in Color”, 1998, 12’ X 6’, Cafeteria at Broward College FL South Campus.
One of the best pieces of art work in thewhole south campus is right there at the cafeteria and it is there were this outstanding piece of art welcomes and accompanies us to take some refreshments and at the same time empower us with arevitalizing work of a multi-piece wall installation. Composed by 32 squares which all together form a rectangle of about 12’ wide X 6’ tall an abstract art work full of vivid colors. The shapes of thepainting bear some visual clues that make me suggest that the natural Floridian summer landscape was the source of Gillespie’s inspiration for this composition. After a short time contemplating thiscolorful art work I started to see what it was for me like an abstract representation of what could be the sunlight crossing between the palm trees and branches loaded with different colors and formswhile behind a clear sky fill the atmosphere. This leaves me with an overflowing sense of peace, joy and tranquility. In my opinion Gillespie ignite our sense of nature and green through this paintingprobably what we are looking now at days almost in desperate way.

Joe Dan Osceola, Wood, “Seminole Chickee”, 2007, 7’X 3’.
For many years the Seminole Indians Tribe were the dwellers of anextensive territory of south Florida. The Chickee is in essence an Indian house. Thus, The Seminoles used to have different houses for different activities and this one was done for the students just torelax and enjoy nature while the get ready to go to their classes. Joe Dan Osceola former president of the Seminole Indian tribe finished this project at the Broward College South Campus by September2007. The Totem Pole which is the wood sculpture located at the west south corner of building 71 which is my favorite is about 7’ tall and 3’ wide. The figures carved into the poles were primarily...
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