My chemical romance

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  • Publicado : 19 de mayo de 2010
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*Sometimes I inspire to compose songs reading the newspaper- Gerald way.
*Once I dressed of woman and remained like that for the whole day. It seems thatthey all in my school believed me woman and *seems that the driver of the autobus I endure very well with me – Gerald way.
*The first time that I used makeupit was at the age of 16, I used a red lipstick of my mom and I liked it & later I continued using!- Gerald way
*I like to throw electrical devices to thetub and to see that it happens. Already I did it with a stove and a radio.- mike way.
*I created the name “my chemical romance” before the band was created-mike way
*I am addicted to the coffee, the sushi and I love my ipod. -Mike way
*I was being to walk to cemeteries, since I was saying that " it is verypacific ". – frank iero.
*I am the member more young person of mcr- frank iero.
*Before to be in a ban i was a thief.- frank iero
*Before joining the band, Iwas working in Disneyland – toro.
*My former band was " the rodneys ".- toro
*My locks are my personal stamp- toro
*The one that was touching the batterybefore was called matt- MCR
*The majority of the songs that they composed speaks about death.- MCR
*The song of "Helena" was dedicated to the grandmother ofthe brothers way- MCR
*The song of " welcome to the black parade " took them 5 years- MCR
*I left the band for a discussion. –bOb
*When they werefilming " famous last words ", I burned the leg- bOob
*Before i was working as technician of MCR, when matt went out of the band I occupied his place.- bOob
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