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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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Teacher : Edith Avalos Alfaro
Class : 10th graders
Time : 4 hours
High School : Liceo Politécnico “ José Gutierrez De LaFuente “
Objective : Identify the Simple Past Tense ( regular and irregular verbs )
Skills : The 4 skills in a listening comprehension activity

I .- Warm up : Teacherwrites the word “yesterday “ on the board and tell students what
she did yesterday. She writes the activities she did underlining the verbs with aa red marker.

II.- Pre - Listening ) Teacher shows students a set of flash cards to identify regular and
irregular verbs .Students answer the question “ What did you do

III.- While – Listening : A ) Students watch the video “ Yesterday “ and they take note about what
people did yesterday ( first they watchthe video twice and after they
watch it again with pauses )

B) When teacher gives the pauses she asks studentswhat people did
yesterday to check listening comprehension.

IV.- Post – Listening : A) Students make statements True ( T) or False (F). They justifyfalses.
Teacher checks them orally

1.- ............... Mary cooked and did housework.2.- ............... Charles read books, watched tv and went to sleep.
3.- ................ Dina went to the gym, studied and worked in her...
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