My community service project summary

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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My Community Service Project Summary

The Community Service that I choose was to visit, Hotel Gigante de Mascotas, which is the animal’s shelter, located in Carolina, Puerto Rico.
My visit wassupervised by Mrs. Marie Roldan, Mrs. Diobed Ortiz and Mr. Cesar Gonzalez, Jr. which is the Director and veterinarian of the shelter. They all together introduced me to the rest of the staff whichtake good care of me and gave the entirely tour around the shelter and started giving me my tasks during the rest of the afternoon. The tasks included; taking care of the cleaning of each animal cagethat was dirty, giving water and food to the empty recipients for all the dogs and cats, take to the doctor’s area the ones that needs their shots and bring them back to their cages, and take outsidethe patio, those who are ready for their walk with the liege.
All of the staff was in uniform, which was properly identifying the place I was visiting. Also, they explained to me, that besidesworking as a shelter for animals, they also bring services to the community that includes; animal’s grooming, vaccination, animal surgery, laboratories checkups, professional assistance and lodging for allkinds of situations.
I understand that by having this kind of experience, I am helping in two ways. One, in the community by giving some of my free time helping with one of the biggest problems thatPuerto Rico have, which is the homeless and abandoned animals around the streets, and second, by serving as a spokesperson at school by telling some other students of how interesting and fun is to goto the shelter and spend some time with all of those lovely cats and dogs and see how happy they are when someone is hugging and taking care of them. It is really an enjoyable experience.
Aftervisiting the shelter, I am so proud and happy for having that experienced, that my mom and I, speak with Mrs. Roldan in order to make arrangements to have the permission to get an authorization and...
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