My family

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My name is Juan Carlos Bernal.
Mai neim is ….

My family is five people. My father´s name is Benjamin Bernal, he is 60 years old and her work isin
Mai famili is faiv pipol. Mai faders neim is……………………….., ji is SIXTEEN yiars old an her work is in the construction business.
de construcchion bisness.My mother is Maria Alcira Esguerra, she is 50 years old and her job is as a housewife also a caring
Mai moder is ………………………………, chi is fifteen yiars old an her yobis as a jausguaif olso a querin
mother, mostly with my smallest brother.
moder, mosli with mi esmolest broder.

I have a sister and a brother, my sister Elizabethshe is 26 years old, she is a lawyer and lives in
Hay jaff a sister and a broder, mai sister ………… chi is tuenty six yiars old, che is a lauyer an laif in
Mexico.Her husband also is a lawyer and is from Mexico City. They don’t have children.
Mexico. Jer jasban olso is a lauyer an is from Mexico citi. Dei don’t haf children.My smallest brother is Julian David; he is 5 years old and studies in preschool. I love my little
Mai esmolest broder is ………… ……, ji is fai yiars old anestadis in presscool. Hai lov mai lirol

And me, Juan Carlos, I am 23 years old; I am an Industrial Production technologist and an Industrial
Anmi,------, hai am tuenti trui yiars old, hai am industrial producchion tecnoloyist and an industrial
Engineer from Central University. My job is as ProductionCoordinator in the Taesmet Company. I
Enyinerr from central iuniverciri. Mai yob is as producchion cordineiror in de ………… company. hai
am single.
Am singol

Thank you.
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