My first month in dubai

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Ok... Here we go… November 11 2.010 I got my first month in Dubai, UAE...
That said... Want to talk about my first month here… :D:D:D
The first thing U think when U arrives to Dubai’s Airport is:
 “Oh My God I think this plane is wrong…. I think we landed in India or Pakistan… Not Dubai”.
Statistics say that population of Dubai is approximately 2,262,000 million people… I think fromthis number (true or not) making a hypothetical statistical percentage … 800.000 million are Indians, another 800,000 Pakistanis, 200,000 Philippines, 100,000 with other nationalities & only 362,000 locals.
Even so… In my first month here… I think this number is wrong….
I can see more than 2,262.000 million in the roads (in cars of course) or in the malls!
I would like start talkingabout the negatives things I have found about Dubai so far because it’s much, much less than the good things….
1.  To see people walking in Dubai’s streets is a miracle!
Here people don't know what it is to give a good hike, how the breeze feels hitting ur face and how the smell of the desert can feels, this smell only gives you the desert breeze... The good thing is... You can also feelthe sea's smell... Here we have both... Desert & sea… a wonderful landscape!!! Two different landscapes for your preference.
Personally I love both... The one I miss is to see people walking there...
I know, I know what you will say: "Come on the weather here is too hot to have walks"...
Bur I'll reply you... "Come on!!!! Actually weather became so nice & I can understand in summer isimpossible to walk but now? NOW?... Now would be soooooooo nice... JUST TRY IT!!!".
To give you an idea how is strange to find people walking in the street here... I will tell you a story...
My office is 15 minutes walking from my Building... When I finish my work day about 5 p.m I love come back walking to home because really is nice weather now and is wonderful apreciate the sunsent onthat time in the desert.... Ok... People here maybe think I'm crazy, lost or without money to pay a taxi because... Every day when I'm walking to my studio.... At least 3 cars stop and the drivers ask me if I need they drop me up somewhere (And is not only men eh? Don't start to think is a filtrtion issue.... NOOOOO.... Is not that they like how I look from back.... Even women have stoped and askedme)...
Here you will see wonderful cars in the street... Since Ferraris, Mustangs, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW's... Until the simple Toyota, Honda, Nissan... (Simple for them for sure)... In Colombia U still can find Renault 4 in the roads... Here I think they not even know what that is!
2. Too Much Luxury.
 Gosh!!!... What hurry of these people for not to create the most simple... most natural... the believable!
I miss the simplicity…. Here EVERYTHING is HUGE & LUSTFUL!!!!
I not even feel attracted to look at the roof in the malls because are so huge you can’t even appreciate its details….
Burj Khalifa… The highest Building in the world…. 
Dubai Mall… The world's largest shopping mall… (Bythe way… If by chance you come here and go to “Dubai Mall”…. Don’t forget take the parking bill indicator once you close the door of your car… Otherwise U will take 4 days to find it… Dubai Mall  has over 14,000 parking spaces so remember my advice or you not even will remember in which number of parking you left your car!!!!)
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo… The world's largest acrylicpanel has over 33,000 marine animals!
And I not even start to talk about the records Dubai has... I think all records related with mall… “Dubai Mall” has them.
Dubai is a new city, built in the last 15 years and a sign all what money can do…
Here you will not find historic sites… Just huge building, huge malls, the most expensive cars… Even the building where I live the corridors...
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