My last vacations

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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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My Last Vacations

On my last Easter vacation I went into “Medical Missions“. This time, me and the missions family were about to go to Pucnachén, a Mayan community in northern Campeche, direct tothe ancient Mayan domain.

Our trip began on Friday April the 3 th. We flew from Mexico-City to Mérida. Our flight was oversold so two of my friends stayed in Mexico-City until next day. Wearrived to Mérida and from there they took us to a sport center, where we slept that night, next morning we woke up early and after we went to church, the Bus took us again, this time to Pucnachén.

InPucnachén, a Family lent us their house for the week, where I, other 9 friends and a doctor in service slept. We all slept in hammock like the people in there and we agreed the idea of “getting usedto”, but from all the things we should get used to, sleeping in hammock was the easiest of them. The heat was awful, such as the spiders and other insects. The first night a Cockroach came out in ourroom, so a brave friend of mine killed it with “Raid”. This was another problem because I didn´t know that insecticide was not only bad for such bugs, instead of being helpful, it didn´t let me sleepthe whole night because an allergy reaction I got.

Our time at the Mayan community was very interesting. We get used to the heat and such those things, actually in a very short time, when I tookshowers with cold water didn’t matter anymore, because of the heat, it was really good. Our activities with the people there were not only helping with the medical examination from doctors in serviceand such things. It meant also to participate and got into the people there, so every day we went to the church and listened to the choir of children we helped to create. We even lived the Easterweek and their celebrations such as the play of “Jesus Crucifixion” and “The seven houses”. We spoke with the children there and we learned a few Mayan words. It was very interesting for me to listen...