My outside activity report

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II. Facts about me, my family and friends.
II.1 My outside activity report.
1.- Remember that in order to learn a foreign language it is also necessary to work outside the classroom. Theactivities you do on the outside should involve a considerable exposure the English language. You should watch, read or listen to one of the following activities at least 15 minutes every day.
* From yourUpload I eBook, Module 1:
* The video section, including the karaoke readings (with sound)
* In the readers’ section: a chapter of Robin Hood
* The listening activities of the Cultural&Cross-Curricular section
From other sources:
* A song by a singer or a group of your choice
* A TV show (with no Spanish subtitles)
2. - Next you will find a format to present yourreport to your teacher.
Tick the correct boxes and complete the information on the lines.
Outside Activity Report
I.-What I listened to
__________ A TV show (Cold Case)
__________ A songs of Glee__________ A movie (Pride and Prejudice)
__________ Read the books of The House Of Nights
__________ See a book trailer of bloodlines
__________ A movie (Miss Sympathy 2)
__________ A TV show(Split)

II.- My goals for this week are the following:
__________ Get used to English pronunciation
__________ Listen to authentic dialogues
__________ Get information about a topic__________ Get the general idea of the book, chapter, song, etc
__________ Sing a song and learn its lyrics
__________ Other: _____________________________________________________
III.- A brief report ofmy outside activities
a) The general idea of the material I studied: _______________________________________
b) The new vocabulary I learned: _________________________________________________c) Some problems I encountered: ________________________________________________
d) The solutions I gave to them: __________________________________________________

II.2 A job interview...
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