My private training session

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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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I walked into the room, smiled to the gamemakers and curtsied. I walked up to their table, grabbing a rope from the survival station on the way there. I started to tie a knot into the rope."Oh mangoes!" I said and took one out of a bowl on their table. I took a big bit out of it. "Sooo good." The judges were looking at my funny so I decided i best get on with it. I slung the rope over myshoulder and grabbed a sword from the weapons table and walked to the mutt station. There were quite a few mutt dummies, not to mention the live ones in cages which were looking at me. I took thesword and struck out at one of the mutt dummies, striking at where I had learned its weak points were.
-Sword, Shoulder-
100 sides

-Sword, Neck-
100 sides

-Sword, Head-

I then turned at hit a lock on one of the cages with the hilt of the sword, it took me four tries to break it off. They clearly hadn't designed these thinking that some one would try tobreak in. I pulled open the gate and one of those bugs from a few games back flew out, the ones with the sharp arms and wings that made a screaming noise when they flew about. It instantly flew up tothe high vaulted ceiling and clung there. I picked my rope, which was actually a lasso back up and grabbed a spear. I whistled like i did to get the attention of the people in the woods back at home.The bug dropped from the ceiling and flew at me. Swinging the lasso above my head I waited until the mutt was close enough before throwing. The lasso missed its head but went around its bladed arm. Ipulled hard to tighten the knot and in doing so yanked the thing to the ground. It landed with a thud and ran at me. I pointed the spear at it, forcing it to back off. I looked dead into its eyes, itlooked into mine.

Like staring down a angry bull. It came at me again but once more my spear was in the way. It tried several different angles, each time I blocked its attack with the sharp...
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