Mystic trip

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Since i was a kid, i always wanted to go to Morocco, I used to watch movies that morocco was on it. I really want to know how deep they are about their culture and religion: Islam,obviously they take very serious their beliefs. Watch people in the streets wearing tunics entirely covered except the eyes.

And talking about food, in Morocco they eat a lot, meals that can let ussatisfied enough all day, and that we can eat with our hands!! There is not better paradise in food that this two things.

For start nothing would give more pleasure that just walk, leave my hotel room,and just walk, walk and walk. If I see something interesting I stay there, like a breakfast, a nice store or just stop to admire the view. I really love that.


We will go to 5 cities,Casablanca, Marrakech, close to Ouarzazate, Fés, and the capital of Morocco, Rabat. We are going to be 1 day in each city more or less.

Day 1

Casablanca, we are going to land in the morning in theCasablanca Mohammed V Airport, then we will get to the Kenzi Tower, a 5 stars hotel. The architecture of this city is amazing, so we decided to go to the Hassan II mosque. The gazebo up there is almost656 feet up, one of the tallest gazebos in the world.
The next step is to the beach, to the Plage Aiin Diab, in Morocco we will go to five cities and just two of them has beaches, so we want to visitthose two beaches.

[pic] [pic]

These two attractions are the officials in Casablanca, the rest of the time is free time for us to know the city as we want.

Day 2

Marrakech, like Churchillsaid: “if you have a day in Morocco, stay en Marrakech”. After we land the Menara International Airport, and check in the Riad Dar Sholmes fancy Hotel the first thing we are going to do is go to thesquare Djemaa el Fna, is very known, to buy souvenirs and things like that, but the good aspect of this square is that we found a lot of stands selling food, fast traditional Moroccan food. Also...
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