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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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The article “Conflict Interest in the Artic” talks about some differences existing between countries because they don’t have the same opinion about what to do in order to stopglobal warming and the melting glaciers, this area is the most affected by carbon pollution, but that doesn’t mean it is not a huge problem affecting the entire world.
Recently a small group ofinternational scientists, politicians and business leaders are having conferences about the future of the economy and what they can do to reduce the exploit and consume of fossil fuels. Some issues caused bycarbon are present all over the world, for example in Bangladesh approximately 50 species could be extinct before 2100, this notice is alarming. Despite these troubles, countries like Norway have beenoperating gas fields offshore in areas where the impact of carbon productions is most acute. To resolve this trouble it’s necessary to raises awareness among the public about the serious risks posedby climate change and the necessity of urgent actions.
They stand that many governments have failed to take the necessary action to start using renewable power so that, they can reduce the use offossil fuels. An example of this is the dispute they have because some countries still are building Arctic gas field, when others are trying to replace coal-fired power stations with natural gas.
Afterhearing predictions that 30 percent of species could be extinct and a fifth of Bangladesh underwater before 2100, he wants to removal the subsidies for fossil fuels and produces more renewable energy.Now the people want to make money with this oil but it can be a problem ownership of the Arctic seabed is far from clear. The 1920 Spitsbergen treaty gave onshore mineral rights to more than a dozensignatories. Yet there are arguments whether Svalbard's coastal waters are part of the Norwegian continental shelf.
However here are two teams, the people who want to follow exploiting the subsoil...
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