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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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Luigi Pirandello School

Essay the Dream and Other Stories
Anglo-Saxon literature

Student: Camilo Andres Velandia Moreno
Teacher: Alexander Torres Gutierrez
Grade: 11°A

2010Currently, several cases are similar to those seen stories in the book, which I call the most attention is the first story because at the time the man arrives at the gas station and take a breakwhich leads to sleep, is then where is sleep and watch it later that his car went off the road trying to overtake a truck and they die.

This topic also a simple book takes movies that like me as thefinal destination that has made four films in the same style, where one of them before something happens is a vision of the future. For example, in the first movie final destination of the people have avision that the plane that the aircraft then take off and burst!!! Then one of them runs out and brings down your friends avoiding them die in that accident.

These things rarely happen but myattention in the way each story unfolds as the first show what happened is part of the accident and then as prevent and thereby saving countless lives, but as soon as things that are they rarely occur inthe world around us.

On the other hand is another story that also caught my attention was the story of a blind man, for reasons of war which left scars and thereby leaving it blind, he had a wifeand had conditions that currently it was difficult to distrust it, for as I could not see what he was doing so had become isolated from society.

Until one day an old friend of the blind man's wifecomes to you and all three dine together, making the blind man upset because he could not see what they were doing and thought they were making the rounds since he could not see by their inability,until the blind man named Maurice annoying and out of your house to the barn.

Although the friend of the blind man´s wife was intended to help in their marriage, Mauritius does not recognize him,...