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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2010
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(18:00:51) belladenny: hi
(18:00:58) ferney1980: hi
(18:01:00) rocio28: hi
(18:01:01) Shiva: hi Donadieu
(18:01:33) Donadieu: Hi shiva.
(18:01:44) Donadieu: who´s it going?
(18:02:13) Shiva: rocio has dicho que querias que te corrigieran, quien quieres que te corrija?
(18:02:24) belladenny: im loking some to talk
(18:02:25) andres_gomez: hello belladenny
(18:02:38) andres_gomez: what isyour name
(18:02:44) Donadieu: where are you belladenny?
(18:02:51) andres_gomez: what is your livew
(18:02:58) belladenny: hi anres what´s up
(18:03:11) Donadieu: I mean, Where are you from?
(18:03:27) belladenny: im in mexico city
(18:03:29) Donadieu: belladenny-
(18:03:37) oky: Good bye people, I´m going to watch a Big Bang theory episode in English
(18:03:41) oky: see you soon(18:03:49) Shiva: bye oky
(18:03:50) Donadieu: yeah,,,,
(18:04:08) oky: be happy!
(18:04:12) Donadieu: are studying belladenny?
(18:04:12) belladenny: and you donadieu?
(18:04:39) belladenny: yes english and german
(18:05:02) Donadieu: I´m from Mexico too.
(18:05:17) Donadieu: So do you like languages?belladenny
(18:05:26) rocio28: what language is more difficult
(18:06:00) Donadieu: Where areyou studying? belladenny
(18:06:13) belladenny: in cenlex
(18:06:14) ((Germán)): hello everyone
(18:06:22) belladenny: hi
(18:06:30) Shiva: hi German
(18:06:33) rocio28: hello
(18:06:33) erick86: hi
(18:06:41) ((Germán)): How are you all?
(18:06:52) Shiva: good ty, yourself?
(18:06:56) Donadieu: It depens.
(18:07:00) belladenny: great thanks
(18:07:01) erick86: fine
(18:07:02)((Germán)): hope you all are fine, and learning
(18:07:04) Choboku: Hi
(18:07:06) Donadieu: depends
(18:07:18) Choboku: how are you people
(18:07:34) Shiva: is this just for learning?
(18:07:39) erick86: depends of what
(18:07:41) ((Germán)): shiva, I'm ok.
(18:08:09) ((Germán)): Shiva, well, if you know English maybe just for chatting.
(18:08:20) ((Germán)): but if you don't, both.
(18:08:38)andres_gomez: belladenny hi
(18:08:42) Shiva: May I ask why your nick is green?
(18:08:45) belladenny: hi
(18:08:51) Choboku: people here are boring at afternoon
(18:08:59) andres_gomez: what is you live
(18:08:59) ((Germán)): yes, and it's because I'm a Mod.
(18:09:18) Shiva: oh ok thanks
(18:09:18) ((Germán)): and may I ask you where you are from?
(18:09:27) ((Germán)):
(18:09:31) Shiva:sure
(18:40:27) belladenny:
(18:40:37) Donadieu: what else are you trying to enhance your englishbelladenny?
(18:40:40) ((Germán)): htrebliw, May I ask you sthg, please?
(18:40:59) Karlacb: htrebliw you ate student???
(18:41:09) htrebliw: yes
(18:41:25) Karlacb: sorry I want to say, you are student???
(18:41:34) Karlacb: What do you study??
(18:41:34) htrebliw: actually i'm studingenglish and working
(18:41:36) belladenny: i dont understand enhance
(18:41:49) Donadieu: improve
(18:42:05) ((Germán)): htrebliw <- what does your nick mean?
(18:42:15) Karlacb: that´s interesting, where do you work???
(18:42:24) htrebliw: read that name in reverse
(18:42:25) ((Germán)): Is it your last name?
(18:42:44) htrebliw: cath you?
(18:42:53) ALELLITA:
(18:43:06) ((Germán)):well, I've seen your nick just like it is now and it's a last name too.
(18:43:07) htrebliw: htrebliw is my name wilberth in reverse
(18:43:16) Karlacb: Wilberth where do you work??
(18:43:32) ((Germán)): did you know that?
(18:43:41) htrebliw: i'm working in a university of yucatan
(18:43:49) htrebliw: UADY
(18:44:25) ((Germán)): ..
(18:44:33) htrebliw: i'm IT Adminisrator
(18:44:44)Esperanto: Warm greetings ladies and gentlemen!
(18:44:52) ((Germán)): oh, nobody was writing, I thought it was my connection
(18:45:06) ((Germán)): Esperanto, thanks likewise for ya' bud.
(18:45:19) ((Germán)):
(18:45:25) Esperanto: Bella, if you don't follow me, I will follow you!
(18:45:35) Esperanto: jejewjejeje
(18:45:52) belladenny:
(18:46:00) Esperanto:
(18:46:02) htrebliw: karlacb...
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