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1. One of the most important countries in the world. Its main city is Paris.

• Location: Western Europe.

• Flag
Since 1880, the tricolor is the official emblem of theFrench Republic.

BLUE: Free
WHITE: Equality
RED: Fraternity

• time zone: more than Mexico 7hrz

Over 90% of the population was born in France and is mostly white.

Amongforeigners, predominantly Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and western and northern Africa

Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, RodinMuseum, Museum of Modern Art in Paris, Musée d'Orsay, Place de la Concorde, LIDO.

The French have one long tradition in the kitchen that is very recognized world-wide level.Delicious plates that go of simplest at the most complex

• It is also a custom between the Parisians: to have breakfast to 9am, to have lunch to the 13 hours and to have dinner later to the 19 hours or.• Between the French it is a custom to greet themselves and to take leave with a handshake, which does not have to be strong because a lack of respect would be considered.

• Between thefriendly and relatives also it is common to greet with double kiss, practice that is extended between the men.

• The cancan is a traditional dance, its rate is fast and enduring of scandalous reputation,whose main characteristics are the provocative movements, the high kicks and the rise and movement of the skirts.


• France has an effective and comfortable railwaynetwork.

• In each city networks of public transport for bus exist, or more rarely of street car and meter in the great cities.
* Airplane
* Automobile
* Train
* Bicycle
* Urban* Transport
* Bus
* Meter
* Taxi

* SWIMM by its coasts
* The French mountains offer an excellent zone of ski.
* It has more than 200 clubs of golf.
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