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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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America, The Story of Us.
The multiculturalism and diversity in the very complex 21st century American society is just a dream that no one could imagine about twocenturies ago. Because it was unthinkable or implausible to even think in times of slavery that an African American would be elected president of the United Statesany remote time. And as a matter of fact, the election of Barack Obama for the U.S. presidency comes to represent in some ways the culmination of input from theAfrican American cultural and political life in the country. It opens the gates to a new society, a society of equality and freedom. But a great price has been paidin order to get to this 21st century society, because many people suffered and died in order to obtain the liberty that we now enjoy. And little by little, thechanges are making our society strong. It was a process of acceptation and emancipation triggered by the end of slavery, then the Civil Rights Movement, and finally thefirst African American president of the United States. There are many books that talk about every single change that had happen trough America History since theabolition of slavery, but there is a book written by Octavia Butler just after the Civil Rights Movement that links slavery with the modern day society. In her novelKindred, Butler uses a modern African American woman – Danna the main character – and makes her experience slavery to show the progress and achievements that herrace has obtained through history. Because Butler’s novel confirm how knowledge, courage, and perseverance were the key to fight against racism trough history.
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