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Chapter 1: One night Walter meets a strange woman
dressed all in white. They talk together and Walter is very
much surprised to hear the woman talking about the place
and the family he is on his way to see. Before he can ask
her any questions, she disappears.
Chapter 2: Walter goes to Cumberland. At Limmeridge
House he meets his pupils, Marian and Laura, who
are half-sisters.Walter notices that Laura resembles the
‘woman in white’ very much. He tells Marian about the
strange woman. She is keen to help him solve the mystery.
Chapter 3: Walter enjoys his life at Limmeridge House.
He falls in love with Laura and makes friends with
Marian. But Marian advises him to leave Limmeridge
House, because Laura is engaged to baronet Sir Percival
Glyde, who is coming soon. Laurareceives an anonymous
warning against her future marriage, and Walter
remembers the ‘woman in white’ talking about some
wicked and cruel baronet. He thinks the warning letter
is from that woman.
Chapter 4: Walter goes to the churchyard to see the
strange woman who was seen there. They meet and she
gives him her name, Anne Catherick, and that she has
escaped from the asylum where SirPercival shut her up.
Then she gets frightened and runs away.
Chapter 5: Before Walter goes away, he and Marian go
to the village to find Anne Catherick to talk to her. When
they arrive, they find that Anne has already gone.
Chapter 6: Mr Gilmore, the family lawyer, comes to
draw up the marriage settlement. He sends a copy of the
warning letter to Sir Percival asking for an explanation.
Walterleaves Limmeridge House. Laura is very unhappy
as she is in love with Walter.
Wilkie Collins
Chapter 7: Sir Percival Glyde comes to Limmeridge
House and explains that Anne’s mother used to be his
loyal servant. To thank her, he paid for her daughter Anne,
who has mental problems, to be placed in an asylum.
Marian writes a letter to Mrs Catherick and receives
confirmation that this is true.After that Laura agrees
to marry Sir Percival, as she does not want to break her
promise to her late father.
Chapter 8: When discussing the marriage settlement, Sir
Percival insists on having his wife’s money in case of her
death. Mr Gilmore does not like the idea. As Laura is not
twenty-one yet, he visits her uncle, Mr Fairlie, to discuss
it. But Mr Fairlie agrees to Sir Percival’s claims.Chapter 9: Walter leaves for Central America for eighteen
months. Laura’s wedding date is decided – 22 December
– in four weeks’ time. Sir Percival tries to find Anne
Catherick, but she is gone. Sir Percival and Laura get
married and leave for Italy.
Chapter 1: Six months later Marian comes to Blackwater
Park, Sir Percival’s house, where she learns that Mrs
Catherick has secretlyvisited to find out any news about
her daughter. Marian decides to visit Mrs Catherick.
Chapter 2: Sir Percival and Laura come from Italy with
Count Fosco, Sir Percival’s friend. Laura is very unhappy,
it’s clear now that her husband married her for her money
only. To clear out his debts he needs to obtain his wife’s
money. Marian overhears a conversation and tells Laura
about it.
Chapter3: Sir Percival learns about Mrs Catherick’s visit
which makes him very angry. He tries to make Laura sign
some document about her money but fails. Outraged,
Sir Percival leaves Blackwater Park.
Chapter 4: Marian and Laura go to an old boathouse
and see a strange figure. They become frightened and go
home, but someone is following them, and it is not Count
Fosco. Laura goes to the boathouseagain and meets Anne
Catherick there. Anne tells her she wrote the warning and
followed her last time. She also says she know a terrible
secret about Sir Percival. Suddenly she gets frightened and
runs away without revealling the secret.
Chapter 5: Sir Percival comes back. Count Fosco, who
has seen Laura’s meeting with Anne, tells him about the
meeting, and they go to the boathouse to...
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