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Marketing Plan Stage 2
Executive Summary – this section summarizes the main goals, recommendations, and points as an overview for senior managers who will read and approve the marketing plan.Current Marketing Situation – marketing managers discuss the overall market, identify the market segments they will target, and provide information about the company’s current situation.
MarketDescription – describing the target segments in detail provides context for the marketing strategies and detailed action programs discussed later in the plan.
Benefits and Products Table – Clarifies thebenefits that product features will deliver to satisfy the needs of costumer in each targeted segment.
Product review – summarizes the main features for all of the company’s products
Competitive review –the purpose of a competitive review is to identify key competitors, describe their market positions and briefly discuss their strategies.
Channels and logistic review – in this section, marketerslist the most important channels, provide an overview of each channel arrangement, and identify developing issues in channels and logistics
Strengths - are internal capabilities that can help thecompany reach its objectives
Weaknesses – are internal elements that may interfere with the company’s ability to achieve its objectives
Opportunities – Opportunities are external elements that thecompany may be able to exploit to its advantage
Threats – threats are current or emerging external elements that could potentially challenge the company’s performance.
Objectives and Issues – thecompany’s objectives should be defined in specific terms so management can measure progress and plan corrective action if needed to stay on track. This section describes any major issues that might affect thecompany’s marketing strategy and implementation.
Marketing Strategy:
Positioning – a positioning built on meaningful differentiation, supported by appropriate strategy and implementation, can...
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