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This Developer’s Guide describes best practices for using the Intermec Developer
Library (IDL) Resource Kits to develop applications for your Intermec computers
and peripherals.
Before you workwith the Resource Kits, you should be familiar with:
• general programming techniques for .NET, C/C++, Java, or web applications.
• your Intermec computers and peripherals.
• development tools suchas Microsoft Visual Studio or eMbedded Visual C++.
• concepts for software design.
What Are the IDL Resource Kits?
The Resource Kits are the basic tools you use to develop applications for Intermeccomputers and peripherals. Each Resource Kit contains components for a specific
area of application functionality, and includes documentation, tutorials and sample
The Resource Kits coverthese functional areas:
• Bluetooth™: Managing communications between Bluetooth-enabled Intermec
computers and other devices.
• Communications: Configuring network and 802.11 functionality, includingsecurity and profile management.
• Data Collection: Using bar code scanners, imagers, and magnetic stripe readers,
and manipulating collected data.
• Device: Configuring and managinghardware-specific settings such as audio
beeps, screen backlight behavior, and keyboard mapping.
• Device Management: Configuring SmartSystems-enabled Intermec devices from
your application via the IntermecSmartSystems™ API.
• Mobile Gadgets: Adding features such as ink capture or custom buttons to
mobile applications.
• Printing: Communicating with and configuring print reports for Intermec
• RFID: Managing and configuring Intermec RFID readers, and reading from and
writing to RFID tags.
• Antares Migration: Compiling a Trakker Antares® (or other character-based)
applicationfor use on newer Intermec computers.
For more information on ea
For .NET (C#, VB.NET) Developers
These Resource Kits support .NET development:
• Bluetooth
• Communications
• Data Collection...