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The earthquake
The earthquake on Thursday September 19, 1985, known as the1985 Mexico earthquake, affected in the central, southern andwestern Mexico and has been the most significant and deadly ofthe written history of the Federal District country.3 , the nation's capital, was the worst affected. It should be highlighted that the replica on Friday September 20, 1985 also had a big impact forthe City of Mexico.
Seismological phenomenon arose at 7:19 am Central Time(13:19 UTC) with a magnitude of 8.1 MW, which wasapproximate length of just over two minutes, surpassing in intensityand earthquake damage to the July 28, 1957 also in the City of Mexico. The epicenter was located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Michoacan, near the port of Lazaro Cardenas. A report by theInstitute ofGeophysics in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexicopublished on September 25, 1985, further detailed that the epicenter was located off themouth of the Rio Balsas locatedwithin the boundaries of state Michoacán and Guerrero at7:17:48 am Central Time Mexico City reached at 7:19 a.m. with amagnitude 8.1 earthquake MW.1 was a trepidatory andoscillatory type at a time and recorded a depth of 15.0 km2 or fault rupture that caused the quake was located in what is calledbreach of Michoacan, well known for his remarkable, so far, lackof seismicactivity. It has been determined that the earthquakewas caused by the phenomenon of subduction of the Cocos Plate beneath the North American plate.
One of several findings in termsof energy released in this movement was equivalent to 1114 atomic bombs of 20 kilotonseach
Immediate response and civil organization
Ruins of the General Hospital in Mexico City.
He immediately organized the civilianpopulation improvised aid stations. The people who donated items and helped could as he could to the recovery effort, that includes moving rocks by hand,give flashlights, helmets, and so...
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