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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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The fact that schools are appearing more often events in the pages of newspapers, that section of education and culture, is of serious concern to all members of the educational community. Indeed, violence in schools seem to have a great capacity to attract public attention, causing "social alarm".

The tragic events surrounding Jokin, a high school student of 14 who was thrown fromthe wall of a village in Guipuzcoa after being on the ropes, has brought to the fore the need to prevent and avoid violence at school. In this case, a peer group, particularly a group of students who laughed at him and made him literally "life impossible," he ended his life no one could help it.

His suicide has meant that in some way, all perform a painful self-examination before a phenomenon isnot new, and are suffering many of our students for many years and deserves an urgent collective reflection and anti-educational program bullying.

It is obvious that teachers are the key to change. If you can raise to our teachers about the harmful effects of bullying behaviors, future generations of children and parents will in turn sensitized. Today's child is the father of morning with theproper training we can all achieve a society in which bullying becomes an exception.

So we hope this information as useful and rewarding for all.

We begin by defining what is bullying and making a little history.

When you begin to study the bullying?

The psychologist Dan Olwes is the first student of the subject, and as such begins to worry about school violence in their country in 1973and Norway from 1982 turns in the study of the subject following the suicide of three young men in that year. In Europe, I was working in the Nordic countries, also in England where there are long coufls courts or tribunals school bully created in the UK. There exists a direct line from 1989 attended by those who want advice on bullying situations.

In Spain there are no official studies toadvocate a smaller study of 1999. There are prevention programs in many countries in Europe, the United States and Spain have been pioneers in Seville, with a prevention education program that we alluded to in this information have been conducted since 1997.

The interest aroused public opinion in different countries: USA, Norway, ... and a clear position by the relevant education authorities, lednational campaigns to prevent and to alert students, parents and the general public of the traumatic nature of bullying.


Here we are referring specifically to talk about "Bullying." Literally, in English, "bully" means bully or aggressor. In this sense it would be behaviors that are related to bullying, tiranización, isolation, threats, insults about a person or persons mentioned.The first author who defined this phenomenon was Olweus): "a student is assaulted or becomes a victim when it is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions carried out by another student or several of them."

Sometimes involves hitting or kicking others in the class, make jokes, "moving from one", etc.. But these situations are quite common in schools (schools and colleges), andcan be very harmful to those who suffer, often in silence and solitude.

The word "bullying" is used to describe these different types of unwanted behavior in children and adolescents, ranging from such practical jokes, ignoring or deliberately stop ignoring someone, personal attacks, and even serious abuses. Sometimes it is an individual who makes the "bullying" or a group (gang). The mostimportant thing is not the action itself, but the effects produced among its victims.

Therefore, these situations of harassment, intimidation or victimization are those in which a pupil is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions undertaken by other partners. On the negative actions committed understand both verbally or by physical contact, such as psychological exclusion.

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