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English II Exercise n prepositions

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Use the correct preposition about, against, after, for,from, in, of ,off, on, over, to , with.

e.g, Most people aren´t accustomed ,,,, to ,,,, working hard.

1: if you try hard, you can succeed in reaching your goal

2. I have always dreamed againstbecoming successful

3. i´d like to be in charge managing a company

4.I will need to concentrate in studying business

5. some people don´t care studying this particular field, but Ido.

6. i don´twant to argue with anyone about that

7.I think perhaps we all dream after working for ourselves

8. I am looking forward to exploring my options

9. It´s important not to worry about being successfulright off: it takes time

10 I believe with Beginning at the bottom and working one's way to the top

11. I am excited about taking classes at my local university.

12. I am interested in studyingmanagement techniques

13. I feel guilty for spending so much money for classes

14. I apologized with my parents after Continuing to be a burden.

15. no one in my family blames me for misusing the moneyI borrow

16. What is the point to working if we are not well-prepared to do our job

17. my father warned me about thinking negative thoughts. Think positive!

18 perhaps, one day I will beresponsible for Taking care of my parents.

19. .i wouldn't object against helping my sister with her tuition when I get a job.

20. I am tired of hearing friends say that they can´t wait to leave home21. still, I am looking forward to Having a place of my own to live.

22. I am not used over cooking for myself and cleaning up

23. I have been guilty about leaving messages for my mother to clean up24. sometimes, I think on doing things and then just as quickly forget them

25. I care about making a difference in this world.

Meaning of the words.


The aim or object towards which an...
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