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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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Boxing is qualified a dangerous sport however the boxers use a good protection, like gloves during the fight and helmetsfor protect the head because The punches are very strong and can damage some parts of the body.
Boxing like other sports can be good for fitness, butfor the health is a most dangerous sports as this is injury to the opponents who may suffer damage to internal organs, although not injuries in all thefights that are performed using protective equipment like gloves to take punches, helmets to protect the head, ears and eyes
As we mentioned earlier inboxing injuries are rare but when present can be fatal blows to the head or face deteriorating physical condition In professional boxing happens that elbowsand shoulders are damaged and also presents blows to the head, nose were broken, the fall of the retina of the eyes.
When a boxer loses by KO isrecommended not to practice this sport for a moderate time for before return to competition needs to be revised by specialist doctors to continue to stick it.Although injured in the ring deaths are rare, and each time there is a manager in charge of combat and are responsible for each event.
In boxing bets areaccepted by the sport is more dangerous because more people are betting mafia and can kill the athlete that lost a fight
It can be concluded that boxing tobe a contact sport injuries can produce some if not using safety equipment to be free from evil blows given and cause loss of consciousness or death.