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Business Coaching

Coaching is a growth business. How much can managers learn from hiring a personal coach, from business books or from management gurus?

1- Put a cross (X) on the lineat the point which best represents your opinion about the following statement: ‘The most important member of a team is the leader’. Explain your viewpoint to a partner.

I agree strongly Idisagree strongly

2- Read the following leadership tips. How might you complete them? Scan the article to find the answers.
‘Understand the __________________ in yourteam’
‘Surround yourself with ___________________’
‘Evaluate yourself before you _______________’


Cheaper –potential – positive – team – trend – pursue – Passion - the best – leaders – individuals – philosophy – fresh – successful – team

Can business managers learn from football managers? After all, footballmanagers have to attract and keep 1. _______________people – and get the most out of them individually and as members of a 2.____________. Football managers are now called ‘coaches’. One successfulUS sports coach, Pat Summit, gives after-dinner speeches to business audiences.

Summit has certainly been 3. __________________in her career as a basketball coach, and successful leadership issomething that all business managers 4._______________. However, would your company pay $40,000 to hear her words of wisdom?

Just what does Summit say? She believes in identifying 5._________________in people. She thinks it is important to really understand the 6.________________ in any team. What does she look for in a team? ‘7._______________’ and ‘loyalty’ are key words in her business8._________________. So are ‘enthusiasm’ and having a ’9. ________________attitude’. When creating a 10._______________, she suggests you surround yourself with people better than yourself. Is any manager...
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