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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Alvaro Gomez de la Torre

Mr. Leclerc

Design Technology 9 pd. 7

June 8, 2012

Interior Design Unit -- Evaluate
Grade 9

Criterion E: Evaluate
Maximum: 6

Students are expected to:1. evaluate the solution (the classroom change that you did)  against the design specifications in an objective manner based on testing.
2. evaluate the impact of the solution: how does yourclassroom change improve student learning?
3. explain how the classroom change could be improved as a result of these evaluations. (In other words, how could your solution have been better?)
4. evaluatetheir own performance at each stage of the design cycle
5. suggest ways in which their performance could be improved.

| Achievement level Level descriptor |
0 | The student does not reach astandard described by any of the descriptors
given below. |
1-2 | You do few of the expected tasks.
Few of the tasks are clearly explained.
Few of the tasks are explained in detail. |
3-4 | You doall 5 or most of the expected tasks.
Most of  the tasks are clearly explained.
Most of the tasks are explained in detail. |
5-6 | You do all 5 of the expected tasks.
All the tasks are clearlyexplained.
All the tasks are explained in detail. |

1. The solution I stated after creating my design consisted on changing the classrooms atmosphere, to a more energetic and active classroom.With this, the students will participate more in class, making the lessons more interesting and increasing our learning level and intelligence each day in class. According to my design specifications,my design followed in because it stated that I was required to design blue table to add to and energetic atmosphere. I mean, my design specifications required me a more vivid atmosphere for theclassroom, which included: a blue table, more shelves of wood, boards to paste the projects and make the classroom more colorful. I think that throughout the steps of this project, I have respected my...
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