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English 7
Bimester 1 Final Study Guide
Grammar and Vocabulary
(Final Test on Thursday, Sept. 30)

Make sure you read the directions for each section.
**We’llgo over the answers in class on Wednesday, Sept. 29. **

Underline the nouns in these sentences.

1. “The Tell Tale Heart” is a story about a crazy man whocommits murder.

2. In “Passage to Freedom,” Mr. Sugihara has to make a difficult decision.

3. “Stop the Sun” is about a boy’s external conflict with his father.PRONOUNS
Replace the repeated, underlined noun with the appropriate pronoun. Write the pronoun on the blank at the end of the sentence.

1. The narrator in“The Tell Tale Heart” does not believe that the narrator is crazy. He

2. Mr. Sugihara and his family face Mr. Sugihara and his family’s problems with bravery andare able to help many Jews. Their

3. Terry knows that it is difficult for his father to talk about Vietnam, but he wants to hear about Vietnam anyway. ItADJECTIVES

Circle the adjectives and underline the nouns they modify.

1. “The Tell Tale Heart” is a suspenseful story about a mad man and his senseless crime.

2.Mr. Sugihara is a brave and selfless man who does the right thing even though it is not necessarily the easy thing.

3. Terry’s father had a traumatic experience inVietnam that still affected his daily life 15 years after the war was over.
Audacity distinctive object paranoia vexed
External fate incidentinternal superiors
Commotion convey foundered inert ruin

Write the letter for the correct definition next to each vocabulary word.

____A____ Audacity
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