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He puts the terms and conditions for the movie initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls staff such as hiring and rising personnel
Executive Producer
Is the investor and handlesbusiness and legal issues
Production Manager
He supervises the physical aspect of the production including personnel, technology and scheduling, it’s his responsibility managing costs andsalaries.
Unit Manager
The unit manager fulfills the same role as the production manager but for secondary "unit" shooting
Production Coordinator
He organizes al the logistic stuff such as hiringcrew, renting equipment and search for talent
Is the person that creates the whole story and determines responsibility for what is created
Is uncharged of overseen the creativeaspect of the production including the film plot and the way it is going on, direct eh performances of actors, use of light, location of cameras and manage all technical aspects
Casting Director
Hedoes all the process of the audition choosing the people that will perform some character in the production
Art Director
Oversees the artists such as the set designers, graphic artists, andillustrators who give form to the production design as it develops
Assistant Art Director
Carry out the instructions of the art director, draw drafts that the art director choose to be used
FirstAssistant Director:
Has overall Assistant Directors responsibilities and supervises the Second Assistant Director. ensure the film comes in on schedule while maintaining a working environment in which thedirector, principal artists (actors) and crew can be focused on their work
Second Assistant Director:
Creates the daily call sheets from the production schedule. The "second" also serves as the"backstage manager", liaising with actors, putting cast through make-up and wardrobe, which relieves the "first" of these duties

Second Unit Director:
Second unit director is stepping stone for...
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