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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2011
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Nanotechnology basically comprises a set of techniques with potential applications in the majority of existing in today's industrial sectors, and with the potential to helpcreate new industries. These techniques share the goal of making things increasingly smaller, smaller in fact than the physical limits of microchips (100 nanometers, or 100millionth of a millimeter) Although most large, of course, the individual atom (0.1 nanometers). Often two approaches can be distinguished: the miniaturization from top to bottom ofMicrotechnologies and controlled construction from bottom to top of materials and devices from single molecules and atoms. Nanotechnology can be used for research inmaterials science, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. In addition, he is sometimes seen as a future option for development, or even in certain cases already in use, in I & Dmaterials and industrial production (ultra precision technology), catalysis, electronics, pharmaceutical products (smart drugs), biomedical technologies, (artificial organs),energy (photovoltaic materials, batteries) and environmental detection. Some products are already or will be soon in the market. These products are mainly new nanostructuredmaterials and tools and techniques for their production. Examples include lasers in CD players, mirrors and lenses of high quality and even lip pencils

Achieve direct Atomicmovement within the DNA molecule allows you to systematically generate each molecule at least two States, each one can represent, either 0, or 1. This was the hypothesis that brokeand the successes but modest appearance have been rounded.

Highlight the importance of the nanotechnology and as in future to take force in our country by their progress
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