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Napoleon, a manager and marketer?

José David Ulloa Soto

“The victory belongs to those who persevere”
Napoleon Bonaparte

Just as we find great ideas related to marketing and management bylarge government and the military strategists like Sun Tzu, Alexander Magnus and Niccolò Machiavelli, we can´t forget one of the greatest military strategists: Napoleon Bonaparte.
Napoleon broke manyof the established rules of military strategy by Sun Tzu and others and by this way created the largest empire that has existed on the face of the earth after the Roman Empire.
The military strategicof Napoleon is very simple and is similar to many of the strategies that dictate several books on marketing and some management gurus.
* Napoleon never changes his target
I have not seen acompany that change targets constantly, is famous and is the leader in its market.

* Instead of using mercenary armies fighting without loving the country, Napoleon uses the national army made up ofcitizens who fight for love of country
Do not keep staff who is not willing to sacrifice for the company and only to improve your curriculum, keep only those who want their company to achieve resultsand realize that personal glory will follow.

* Napoleon considered unnecessary and too cost to maintain and fight for a position already occupied by the enemy.
Marketing is a war ofperceptions, not products. It is better to be the first to be the best, so try to find a segment that is vacant. The biggest waste of money on marketing is aspire to change a perception in the human mind* Napoleon concentrated his forces at one point.
concentrate all its resources in the best chance.

* Fast attack
Create a strategic plan for your organization, simplify it, refine and repeatthe formula always accelerating.

* Napoleon divided his army into several groups.
In organization there will always be people who have natural abilities for certain tasks, do not attempt a...
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