National anthem of puerto rico

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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2011
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Puerto Rico’s national anthem: La Borinqueña. Many people know that the following verse: La tierra de Borinquen, donde he nacido yo is from our national anthem, but not many know thatthis was not the original anthem. El Himno de Puerto Rico Estudio critico de “La Borinqueña” was when I started to enjoy doing this research paper.
La Almojábana
. In 1860, Francisco Ramirez fromSan German wrote the first version of La Borinqueña. He named this romantic song La Almojábana since the first time it was heard was during Christmas.
La Bella Trigueña
. In 1867, Francisco meta man named Felix Astol Artes where they became friends. During one of his visits Felix hears Francisco singing La Almojábana and falls in love with this song. That same year Felix decides tochange the rhythm of this song so it can be a dance.
Bellísima Borinquen
. The following year Lola Rodriguez hears this song and decides to change it and make it more of a revolutionary song. Thissong was titled Bellísima Borinquen in which she wrote of Puerto Rico being independent. The lyrics Lola used made her very popular and changed the romantic song into an anthem of battle.
La tierra deBorinquen or La Borinqueña
. In 1903, Manuel Fernandez wrote La tierra de Borinquen or La Borinqueña which is the anthem we know now a day. La Borinqueña is referring to the original native wordfor the island Boriquen. Since 1903 they started teaching this song in the schools of Puerto Rico.

La Borinqueña has been through many transformations. La Borinqueña began its historywith the romantic lyrics of La Bella Trigueña and the not so romantic title of La Almojábana. The transformation continues when Lola Rodriguez changed the lyrics. Making it one of the most popularand controversial song of its time.
Then it was changed into the anthem we know today by Manuel Fernandez Juncos. There are so many adaptations to La Borinqueña but it will never change the fact...
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