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Answer 1
We have identified 3 main problems:
1-The capacity of the wet berries is only 600 bbls per hour, the current intake is 2100 bbls per hour.
2- The process starts at 11 a.m on a peak dayand at 3p.m on low days.
3- Current overtime costs are out of control over 12,000 hours.

Answer 2
Among the various sources of variability that affect the company operations we can recognize themost relevant:
1. The company operating system is able to work with fresh and processed fruit. The first type requires a greater labor-intensive process that is usually performed by a greatamount of worker, especially during the high season. The second type involves the use of mechanic process, but even if this kind of operation is faster, is more time consuming, because of the waiting timenecesarry for the unloading process or the greater amount of trucks needed to perform the operation.
2. The different types of harvest systems, give a different result in the business output. Thewater system is able to give a greater amount of yield, 20% more compared to the dry system. The differences between the two methods have also an effect on the process needed to complete the job. Dryberries are sent to the destoning process before heading to the dechaffing units, while the wet berries are sent directly to the dechaffing units.

Answer 3

Answer 4
1. The total waitinghours for trucks will be:
Processing rate = 600 bbls/ hour
Arrival rate = 1050 bbls/ hour
Processing time for 3200 bbls of wet berries = 5.3 hours or 5.18 minutes
It means next process willstart at 3.24 pm.
Total berries processed = 3200+ 2016 (3.36x600) =5216
The remaining berries will be on truck, it means trucks will have to wait for (12600-5216)x(15.24-10.03)/2/75 = 256. 5 truckhours
2. The truck will have to wait to be loaded at 3.24 pm.
3. The total number of trucks = 18.32 or 19 (256.5/14) trucks
Answer 5
According to the calculation performed on the...
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