National culture

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October 01, 2010
Survey of Management
Chapter 6
* How do political, legal, and economic forces shape national culture?
First of all national culture for me is an integrated pattern of humanknowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning. When we related these factors in order to shape national culture we talk about to set attitudes,and practices that characterizes a country. The political and legal environment in a country provides a framework within which organizations operate. In some countries these forces are veryrestrictive and have significant impact on all aspects; some of them are increased emphasis on environmental protection, outcomes of changes in laws, changes in regulations, deregulation of industries, theprivatization for companies. These just are some of the examples how legal and political forces can challenge organizations and managers. At the same time there are some specific laws and regulationsthat support the company's development and as a result affect the nation.
In the economic environment can really shape a complete nation. The economic system in a country affects the general well-beingof a nation. For example, inflation, labor laws, interest rates, economic growth, unemployment and opportunity costs for researchers in public institutions directly impact a country. Clearly, acountry under a structural adjustment regime or one that is expecting to undergo restructuring presents an investment context that needs to understand. Countries with foreign currency restrictionsrepresent different environments for institutions than countries without it.
* What characteristics of national culture do you think have the most important effect on how successful a country is in doingbusiness abroad?
The national culture of a nation, or region, encompasses all the characteristics and influences, such as lifestyle, work, or religion, identity upon the individual or group. These...
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