Native tribes

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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I learned many interesting facts about the Cheyenne tribe. I learned how they had to move because of the war and battles they were having with neighbors. They then moved to a reservation for theirown safety. It was interesting in seeing not only these tribes but others, in that they moved a lot, like if they were nomads. They were first in the North West and now in the plains which is Oklahomaand Montana. They seem to like cold weather since it can get down to 26 °F and only 66°F in summer. The downside is that they are now having trouble living in today’s modern world; which this makesthem difficult for them to thrive or even survive. They are running out of animals and plants. So it's hard for them to take care of natural resources on the reservation. They also have the lack ofavailable healthcare. The people are also at high risk of cancer and health issues; and of course it's hard for them to get jobs since they cannot speak English. There are not so many tutors to teach themto speak English. Many of them cannot get decent jobs and in today's world it is really hard to survive without being employed. However, good things about this tribe would be their customs andtraditions. They have art, clothing, gathering wood, dancing, smoking peace pipe and storytelling. Their dances are beautiful like the Sun dance. Their storytelling is mainly told by the elderly. This isactually quite big and famous from the Cheyenne tribe. These are some things that I've learned from the Cheyenne tribe.

The first interesting thing that I have learned from the Cheyenne tribe istheir dances and storytelling. It's quite interesting seeing that the tribes can actually be happy and share their feelings with not only the young but the older to. Their most known dance is the Sundance. The Sun dance is a religious ceremony. Sometimes dancers have to be pierced because the objective of the Sun dance practice is to make a sacrifice to the Great Mystery. A big problem is that...
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