Natural resources

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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2012
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Can we save our natural resources?

“Consumption in industrialized nations has led to overexploitation of the resources of developing countries," declareda member of Greenpeace. With the rise of industrialization, human impact on the environment has increased a lot. Consequently, there is a heavy toll on the use of irreplaceable natural resources likecoal, oil, natural gas, minerals and also our forests. We know that these problems require government intervention. However, in my opinion there are some things the individuals can control. Our wastereduction and recycling activities can make a difference.

 Rainforests are destroyed every year by human activities, and this is called deforestation. They are cut down to provide the Cellulose andpasta made ​​from wood (paper). A useful suggestion to this problem would be recycling paper. As a result, thousands of trees would be saved each year and the level of global warming would bereduced. What is more, recycling often produces better products than those made of virgin materials; for instance, some cardboard packagings are more refined after being processed for recycling.

Theindiscriminate use of electricity involves an over-exploitation of non-renewable minerals to produce nuclear energy. One suggestion to this problem is the use of conventional sources of energy like solarenergy. Solar panels are a series of mirrors that transform sunlight into solar energy. Another suggestion is the use low energy lamps. In effect, we economize electric power, and at the same time, wereduce costs.

Over-exploitation of fossil fuels for automobiles and factories is another problem that affects natural resources. One solution to this problem is the use of Hybrid cars. Theseactually save power and resources.

To sum up, Natural resources should be conserved because they also belong to the future generations. In some cases, we have found ourselves questioning our efforts....
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