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The air pollution in San Joaquin Valley has increased in the past years. Also, this has led to an increased of healthcare to the citizens of San Joaquin Valley due to the pollutant air. Moreover,the air pollution has gotten worse in the San Joaquin Valley than other cities in the state and nation. One factor that might stand and could be the cause is that the Environmental Protection Agency hasnot contributed to fix the problem of air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley. This makes San Joaquin Valley one of the areas with huge air pollution and risk problems to the health. Some factorsthat affect the most San Joaquin Valley air are agriculture, urban planning, and transportation. These factors contribute to the air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley.
Agriculture is huge in thecentral valley and produces a lot of food to the state. Agriculture has it effects and one effect is that contribute to the air damage of San Joaquin Valley area. In addition, it changes the environment bymake it more polluted of particles of dust. Moreover, the irrigation of pesticides to the fields affects the environment and contributes to the air polluted. Also, in the irrigation a lot ofchemicals are use to grow of crops and to protect it from insects. Moreover, too much irrigation of pesticides makes the soil erosion. It contributes to the pollution of the environment and air quality. Inaddition, put in risk the lives of the citizens that work in the fields and that live close to the fields too.
Agriculture also affects the air pollution in the San Joaquin Valley. According to MarilynSnell (2003) “a combination of pesticide spraying, heavy duty diesel equipment, and dust stirred up during tilling and harvest. Also, harvest and ammonia matter from livestock waste makes industrialagriculture the region biggest polluted”. In addition, part of the reason is that the Environmental Protection Agency has let off California farms and diaries from federal pollution regulations....
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