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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2010
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Jesus Rodriguez
Chicano Studies
Mr. Akers
8 September, 2010
How US Racialized Latinos Ch. 4
1. In page 70, the author conveys the idea that it has not been taken in to account the lynching ofMexicans in the US. There is an example in which its states that there are only 50 records Mexican lynching in the states of California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, while it has been researched thatthere are about 216 cases during the same period of time. This explains that even though these are serious murders, they are not brought in to attention and forgotten.
2. It states that thedefinition of lynching is the murder of a person to the benefit of the justice of the community. In page 72. The author states that some of the victims of lynching did not even reach judgment by a court, sincethey were before executed by “vigilantes”. This demonstrates how the mob’s acts which were supposedly in the interest of the community were actually fueled by racism.
3. The author states in page72, that Anglo citizens showed no respect to the Mexican authorities who opposed the lynching of Mexicans. This shows that the citizens embraced the idea of racism no longer caring for laws, andinstitutionalize discrimination.
4. In page 75 it is explained that racism also influence economic competition and fueled the Anglo’s idea of Manifest Destiny. Since Anglos saw Mexicans as lazy andinferior beings, they embraced the idea that they had all the right to expand and take their resources for their own benefit. This along with business competition created the eruption of violence and thisbeing the cause of the lynching of many Mexicans who their only crime was having a more successful business.
5. The author claims in page 83 that after the tension between Mexico and US, Mexicodefending the rights of its citizens, some cases of the lynching of Mexicans were now investigated like in the example of Sherriff Teller who was charged for murder. This demonstrates the attitude of the...
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