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[pic]Christmas in Holland[pic]
For most children in Holland, the most important day during the Christmas Celebrations is 5th December, when Sinterklass (St. Nicholas) brings them their presents!St. Nicholas' day is on the 6th December, but in Holland, the major celebrations are held on the 5th December. The name Santa Claus comes from the name Sinterklass.

On the morning of St. Nicholas'Day, Sinterklaas travels to Amsterdam in a boat, wearing his red bishop's robes. He travels with his servant called Black Peter. When Sinterklaas and Black Peter come ashore from the boat, all of thelocal church bells ring in celebration. Sinterklaas then leads a procession through Amsterdam, riding a white horse, to meet the Queen of Amsterdam in the Palace.

On December 5th children leaveclogs or shoes out to be filled with presents. They also believe that if they leave some hay and carrots in their shoes for Sinterklaas's horse, they will be left some sweets. Children are told thatBlack Peter keeps a record of all the things they have done in the past year in a book and that good children will get presents from Sinterklaas, but bad children will get chased by Black Peter with astick!! Dutch tradition says that he lives in Madrid, Spain and every year he chooses a different harbour to arrive in Holland, so as many children as possible get a chance to see him. Every town inHolland has a few Sinterklaas helpers, dressed the same as Sinter Klaas who help give the presents out.

If children are really lucky they might receive all their presents during the evening. This iscalled 'Sinterklaasavond' or 'Pakjesavond' (present evening). There might be a knock at the door and you might find a sack full of presents!

Sinterklaas parties are often held on St. Nicholas Eve(5th), where treasure hunt games are played with poems and riddles giving the clues. Children follow the clues to find little presents left by Sinterklaas. Special biscuits and sweets are also eaten at...
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