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The Nazis believed in the supremacy of an Aryan master race and claimed that Germans represent the most pure Aryan nation. They argued that Germany's survival as a modern great nationrequired it to create a New Order — an empire in Europe that would give the German nation the necessary land mass, resources, and expansion of population needed to be able to economically and militarilycompete with other powers.
The Nazis claimed that Jews were the greatest threat to the Aryan race and the German nation. They considered Jews a parasitic race that attached itself to various ideologiesand movements to secure its self-preservation, such as: the Enlightenment, liberalism, democracy,parliamentary politics, capitalism, industrialisation, Marxism and trade unionism.-------------------------------------------------
On 5 January 1919, the locksmith Anton Drexler, and five other men, founded the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP — German Workers' Party), the predecessor ofthe Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP — National Socialist German Workers’ Party). In July 1919, the Reichswehr intelligence department despatched Corporal Adolf Hitler, asa Verbindungsmann (police spy) to infiltrate and subvert the DAP. His oratory so impressed the DAP members, they asked him join the party, and, in September 1919, the police spy Hitler became theparty's propagandist. On 24 February 1920, the DAP was renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, against Hitler’s preferred “Social Revolutionary Party” name. Later, in consolidating his control of theNSDAP, Hitler ousted Drexler from the party and assumed leadership on 29 July 1921.
Ascension and consolidation
In culturally consolidating Nazism as the German way of life, the Hitler governmenteffected the national Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses (1 April 1933), three months upon assuming power; earlier, the Hindenburg Government had haphazardly practiced official anti-Semitism, but the...
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