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Communication plan

NBA Tour Barcelona


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional men's basketball league, composed by thirty teams between North America and Canada and is one of the four major North American professional sports leagues in U.S.A., which includes Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), and theNational Hockey League (NHL).

Thanks to big champion players like Magic Johnson, K. A. Jabbar or Michal Jordan, the NBA became really famous generating a lot of enthusiasm and supporters around the world.

Europe is the main foreign market and, according to Sports Business Journal, sales of NBA licensed products in Europe have grown from 25 to 27% of the total and the forecast projected forSeptember 2010, is to continue this rate that will reach 30% which means several hundred millions of dollars in revenue.

"This is confirmation for our partners that there is a serious market with 400 million people in Western Europe and also very numerous in the east," said the Commissioner David Stern whose goal is sell TV rights and working on sponsorship deals.
“Marketing and Communication isvery important to us" he said. "We think our shirts are walking advertisements" he added. "Another way (for profit) is through video games. Reinforce our brand, because our name is the product," he said.

Spain is one of the most important markets in Europe, where its popularity is second after football. Thanks to major players like Pau Gasol or Manuel Calderon, who have become major players inthe U.S. aroused the attention of the media and multiplied the sales of merchandising in Spain. Managers of NBA look Spain and the European market with great attention in order to increase the interest and increase the benefits.

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[Accessed 5 Jeanery 2009]Event to be reported

Name of the event: NBA tour in Barcelona

Date: 19-07-2010 to 25-07-2010

Place: Barcelona - Spain

Core of the event: Big star NBA game on Friday 24 of July
2010 at 9.30pm in Palau St.Jordi Barcelona


The goal is to improve the visibility of the company’sname, to increase the merchandising sales of 5% and generally to do branding activities and promote the game of basketball.
We want improve the awareness of the brand throughout the promotion of the event and the basketball in general.
We want to use the event to create and improve this awareness creating the image of “Barcelona basketball city” and therefore the connection with NBA that “It isthe basketball!”.


The strategy that we are going to present includes Public Relation, Direct Marketing, Viral Marketing, Exhibitions and Sell Promotion activities.

Public Relations

Our Public Relations activities are addressed toward existing clients, prospects and journalists throughout media like radio, TV, news papers and specializing magazines.
The purpose is lettingknow stakeholders about the event, about the brand and about our products.

Direct Marketing

The Direct Marketing strategy consists of sending differently information by mailings, e-mailings, newsletter to existing clients, prospects, prescribers and journalists.

Viral Marketing

Throughout the Viral Marketing campaigns we want to attract in “aggressive” way our targets. Making on-line...
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