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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2010
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Dear Jack,

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your concern and I understand your desire to improve your grade in this course;However, is school policy not to allow any student to do extra credit for the simple fact that it would be unfair to other students, it would involve a lot of extrawork for me, and students would request additional opportunities for extra credit work all the time. I believe that learning is more important than rulefollowing; nevertheless, if such an opportunity to get extra credit is granted to one student, ethically it would have to be granted to all. I have been going overyour grades and I found out you did pretty good in your assignment projects, you scored fine in participation, and you could have done better on your testssince thats where the major part of the grade comes from. I am sorry for this bad news but extra credit is not a way to make up for other work you have chosennot to complete or prepared better. In your letter you mentioned that Management 6401 was the only class you were taking in the fall semester which putyourself in an more unfavourable position as I think your overall performance in this class should have been higher if you have had put extra effort into it. Maybeyou gave more of your attention and time to your job at the mayoral campaign than you did to your studies, but it is important for you to set up prioritiesand objectives first. I would advise you to keep up with your work and focus on your learning habits, I am sure you will succeed in the future.

Best Wishes,
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