Neglected truth

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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2012
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“Neglected Truth”

One of the most difficult subjects history has never managed to explain is “ women”. For centuries different scientists, philosophers, even churchmen have tried to understandwomen mind but in the end they all come back to where they started: being clueless about it.
For what concerns me, women are not as complicated to understand as people say, perhaps this complications iswhat has made men to treat them with such differences.
Not many years ago, world for women was not as we can see it nowadays, for most time, humankind has existed there has been a differencebetween genders. Men used to treat women with such inferiority that, at times even though they were already married they couldn’t talk or look at men. Previous knowledge tells us that this is due to thephysical differences, “ women are weak”, “ women are brainless”, “women are here to serve men”. But as some psychologists have said “ it is a matter of awe and worships towards woman” that is oftenexpressed as envy.
I couldn’t possibly say what men think about women, but as the women I am, I can say what I have experienced and learned from being one.
Nowadays we live in a society in whichequality between genders is said to be one of the main points from which people ridge themselves. People are really trying to make this difference disappear by different means. They are trying to coexist atschool, work, relationships, politics…
But sometimes I ask myself is this change entirely positive, or as most things does it has its negative points?
Once I was listening to a show where differentwomen gave their points of view about this issue, it came to my mind that in fact it has some negative points.
Once I was watching “ Pride and Prejudice¨, the classic romantic old film where men weresuch gentlemen, I asked myself where and when did that gentelness went? Why did this characteristic fade away?
And so I knew, this decrease in gentelness, the lack of respect and awe for women...
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