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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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Producer: Evan Astrowsky
Director: Kaare Andrews
Writer: Jake Wade Wall
Casting Director: Chadwick Struck
Start Date:


[MARCUS BENTLEY] In his late 20s, handsome and windblown, Marcus is a tanned athletic American with a muted sophistication. A trained sailor, he leads diving excursions with his business partner, DobsTowe, and is in the Dominican Republic to marry a beautiful Latina heiress. A man with a little touch of cold feet, he plans to talk things over with his closest friends during a floating bachelor party -- but he soon finds himself facing a deadlier problem than a too-early marriage. Sailing near an unidentified island, Marcus soon learns that it's a secret research facility run by a Dr. Edwards --and that two of his friends may have been exposed to a deadly flesh-eating virus...LEAD (3)

[DOBS TOWE] In his late 20s, tall and lanky, with a sincere face, he is Marcus's best friend and business partner, leading undersea diving excursions. A little worried that his buddy's marriage to an heiress will mean a sudden disinterest in their business, Dobs has a quiet little hint of self-interestthat surfaces once their lives are on the line. Once it's possible they've been exposed to the flesh-eating virus, Dobs proves to be out to rescue Number One, and his own manic hunger to save himself eats away at his friendship with Marcus, just as the virus eats away at his flesh ...LEAD (4)

[JOSH BENTLEY] 22 years old, Marcus's younger brother, Josh is a muscular meathead with a lopsidedsmirk, a confident jackass, a fratboy with an edge. Currently dating Penny, Josh has no idea that she briefly went out with Marcus and still finds him attractive. Josh has a tendency to live in the moment, and almost becomes persona non grata at his brother's wedding when he and Penny are caught having sex in a beachside cabana. Shrugging off the minor scandal, he heads onto the high seas with Marcus,Dobs and Penny, aboard the floating bachelor party, and is infected along with Penny when they go scuba diving. Initially protective of Penny, who's the first to develop symptoms, Josh later is transformed into a rotting, putrefactive, skeletonized human corpse...LEAD (5)

[PENNY] 22 years old, Josh's girlfriend and Marcus's ex, Penny is stunning and knows it, a woman with a tight curved body;she's a tad vulgar but she looks like she's a damn good time. Regarded as trashy by Marcus's fiancee and her judgmental relatives, Penny escapes for a couple days on the floating bachelor party -- but is exposed to the flesh-eating virus when she goes scuba diving in the island's waste water. Penny sickens quickly as the disease literally transforms her into a rotting, barely living skeleton...LEAD(5)

[DR. EDWARDS] In his 50s, handsome but weathered, fit for his age, Edwards is in charge of a vital scientific research facility on an isolated Caribbean island. Intent on finding a vaccine for a flesh-eating virus that could strip humanity literally down to the bones, Edwards is in quarantine with a few interns and is studying the blood and tissue of Porter Wells, the sole known survivorof the virus. Unconcerned with Porter's civil rights, Edwards treats him like a lab rat, tasering him whenever necessary to keep Porter pliable and submissive. But Edwards has such a narrow view of Porter that he fails to account for the possibility that Porter has his own plans for the immediate future...SUPPORTING LEAD (2)

[CAMILA TASK] 23 years old, Latina, a natural beauty, Camila is aresearch intern working with renowned biologist Dr. Edwards -- but she's underestimated the extent to which Edwards will violate common decency in the pursuit of a vaccine. Increasingly horrified by Edwards' callous, inhumane treatment of Porter Wells, whom he clearly regards as laboratory property, Camila tries to treat Porter with a pinch of basic humanity -- but she underestimates the extent of...
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