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English for teacher
When I reviewing this book, note that contains many units, but before this is included an introduction to certain questions which are used to determine who can use it to support teaching, to what level this fact, besides the issues mentioned are in the book.  It also contains the programs, activities for four skills, variety of Activities is used to focus on the four languageskills, there is a section showing how to use this book to work as teachers and taught to students.
Some of these themes in this book are very interesting for example Development, I feel this topic is very interesting for students to explain further that the issue starts with striking images that has to do with the environment, each unit is structured by the following parts:
Starter ActivitiesListening
Student language
Classroom instructions

Each of these parts in my opinion contains good activities that students will achieve a good understanding of the issues, the book of English for the teacher think it's a tool I will be very useful to teach in English, is a complete book to develop in students the four skills.

Effectivemanagement class

The book contains 9 Effective class management issues are issues that help an English teacher to train as a teacher, the first issue is that we know yourself dimensions, each teacher has different skills, and in this chapter to help you AIMS Identify the Things you are good at and to Suggest Ways of using your particular abilities. so be of good help us use this book to futureteachers. Here we show how to avoid it difficult to teach, how to overcome these obstacles, because then we think about not being able to explain update date View Count draw students don’t do or give us grief, another case, when we are not native speakers, sometimes this influences the way of teaching, English teachers have talents, but perhaps we have not developed in the book Effective managementclass is meant to help English teachers especially those who begin their careers as teachers, giving advice to work better and have a good organization into classes, in my opinion is that I will be very useful to supplement my knowledge of teacher, when teaching a group of English. Also mentioned on the Lesson Plans which is the main tool to give an organized class, the book shows examples of LessonPlans and how to make this last point is very important in the book.
This book on Effective management class contains suggestions for teachers who want to give a good class, and if we want this, we actually implement these tips and suggestions.

Teaching English to children

English teachers for children are very important, because to teach English to children is not the same way they aretaught to adults, children learn from other more easily, the through labor-intensive activities less complicate. An adult learns through theories, explanations of the subject, grammar exercises and learning on their own, but no children, to teach children, we must investigate their learning styles, what activities are good for them, in the book of teaching English to children contains 9 songs thatare useful in order to become an English teacher for children, each issue explains in a simple as giving a class, there are suggestions of activities for children ages , characteristics of children, as well as work in groups, among other interesting activities to teach children.
In particular I'd like to be a teaching English to children, because I like to work with them to implement fun anddynamic my addition is important for my work with them, but before I need to prepare and investigate about the education for children, for this will help me a lot of this book I see that is very relevant information for English teachers for children, and will investigate other sources for more information about this type of teaching, so that you can then have a group of children to give English...
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