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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2010
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I receive a great knowledge from this laws for the way is presented, like any other person who found himself in all kind of debt and really need the discipline and correction to step out frompoverty, bankruptcy, divorce and thoughts of suicide, is not just another way of great financial growth but a peace in the daily living of life, this can be for any future decision or plans to safe money forschool, a house, a car, a condo, buy supplies, equipment, or saving for emergencies, to build a business or whatever is your plans or goals for life.

This things are natural thoughts that asindividuals we ask ourselves before leaving home, in many people there financial area is stuck, but not for the situation but for their mindsets, and they have no hope to move away from it, is true thatsometimes our past generations did not have the opportunity to change these mindsets, people have taken this area for granted today it is easy to help ourselves with the internet, but the experience ofMary Sessions today has more impact on my life, than anything I have found on the
Internet, also other resources or other peoples experiences, books of finances.

The impact of one of the FourLaws of Financial Prosperity is third Law that really make a difference in my married life, the remarkable law is the law of Trimming, thanks to this we have saved money and continue to increase myliving expenses, it is slow but is working well, I began to noticed that that the food I was spending money was really poisoning my body, such as junk food of all kinds.

Trimming my phone callingtime allowed me to save money since I was exceeding my time, this really made a difference on the bill. I realized that texting was part of my plan.

I discover that having picnic once a week ishealthier and more appreciated, because it adds to our quality time and life.

I have many goals that I have to accomplish for the future but non without God in it, setting plans is one of the...