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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2011
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Dartboard cabinet
Hit the bullseye with this easy-to-build project


dartboard makes the perfect addition to any family space. And what better way to display and store it than in thisattractive, custom-built cabinet that’ll hold the board, the darts, the chalk and the scoreboard? By Dieter Mylius

Invert for other door. Fill holes with wood and round door edges with round-over bit.Step 7 Cut dart and chalk
holders (F) and round over ends. From front, drill two holes for fixing to inside of door. On the top of one holder, drill two sets of three 1.5mm-diameter holes 50, 75 and100mm from each end for the darts. On the back of the other, cut a stopped 10 x 5mm rebate channel to hold the chalk. Centre and screw holders to doors, with bottom edge 60mm from base of door. Add twohinges to each door, 110mm from top and

Here’s how Step 1 Prepare cabinet
sides (A) by routing a 19 x 5mm deep rebate each end. Measure between straight bit in the router and edge of the baseplate and clamp a timber fence to the board as a guide for the router. Also clamp a piece of scrap on the exit side to prevent the timber splitting. Similarly, run a 7 x 5mm deep rebate down theinside-back edge.

Step 4 Edge-glue door
sections (E1,E2) together to form a 295mm-wide board. Use dowels, biscuit joints or nail pins to align. Clamp until the joint is dry.

bottom. Add knobs at frontand two magnetic catches at the cabinet top. Sand timber, then finish with several coats of Danish oil. Cut the chalkboard (G) and round edges. Coat with chalkboard paint. Screw to door with the chalkholder.

Step 5 Butt the bottom of
both doors against a 140 x 19mm batten and continue the join between the doors by drawing a line across the batten. Mark 110mm below door on the line. Mark 605mmup from base on one door side. Make a compass by joining two 19 x 19 x 500mm battens with a bolt and wing nut and drilling a large and small hole in the ends for a pencil and sharpened nail. Draw...
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