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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Arturo Ehlers
AP Environmental
Ah Choo Case Study


It is no hidden secret that pollen is a problem to a huge percentage of the population. It causes sicknessescaused by the allergens within. All this pollen is caused by the photosynthesis of plants that release these allergen proteins. Plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, which allows them torelease their unwanted amounts of pollen to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide concentrations are more abundant in oceans, causing areas along the coast (Hilton Head) to suffer the most from pollen allergens. Aspecific plant that can be blamed for these allergens is the very common ragweed. Ragweed is a plant that can grow in many countries around the world and can adapt to various atmospheres in warmclimates. Ragweed is known for producing pollen, and unfortunately in excessive amounts. Many health risks are caused such as the common allergies, upper respiratory infections, asthma, and even dust miteallergies.

Summary of Important Data Tables

It is evident based on the table, that temperature and carbon dioxide largely affect levels of pollination. Ragweed is a notable plantknown for emitting severe allergens that are known to bring respiratory problems to human beings. These plants flourish in various ecosystems especially those of warm climates, regardless of the growingtechnique. These plants are threatening for many people due to the high levels of pollination it produces. In fact, these plants will produce a significantly greater amount of pollen than most plantsthat exist in the areas they inhabit. Furthermore, concentrations of carbon dioxide are more abundant near oceans, causing people living on the coast to be in great jeopardy. Higher CO2 concentrationsindicate increasing photosynthesis levels in plants. This leads to the rise of pollination, especially in Ragweeds. Unfortunately, the ragweed plants will produce huge amounts of allergens leading...
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