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  • Publicado : 28 de enero de 2011
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Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Campus Tampico

International Negotiations

Final Project – Part 2

Titular profesor: Mohammad Ayub Khan

Tutor: Grace LingowSunday 11th October, 2009

Define the 12 negotiating variables

* Basic concept of negotiation: It’s interpreted differently from one culture to another. First variable to be considered in theprocess of negotiation. The negotiation process is highly influenced by the cultural dimensions of negotiators. Many a times this process is highly affected when one negotiator is ‘high context’ whilethe other is ‘low context’.
* Selection of negotiators: The criteria for the selection of negotiators vary from culture to culture. Selection of negotiators depends on the level ofdecentralization in an organization. Different cultures assign different importance to the knowledge of the subject matter, seniority, family connections, gender, age, experience and status.
* Role ofindividual aspirations: is a method of identifying the counterpart’s goal out of the two goals categorized: organization-oriented and self-fulfilling. Under organization-oriented goals, negotiators act onbehalf of their companies, whereas, under self-fulfilling goals, negotiators may act for their own personal interests.
* Concern with protocol: The degree of formality used by the parties in thenegotiation is affected by their countries. Methods of greeting as well as dress codes are impacted by one’s culture. For example: In many traditional cultures, when a man places the other person’sbusiness card in his wallet and then puts the wallet in his back pocket, this is considered an insult.
* Significance of type of issue: Regards the kinds of issues at negotiation, and it consists oftwo opposing types of issues: substantive and relationship-based. Under substantive issues, negotiators focus on the control and use of resources. On the other hand, under relationship-based issues,...
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