Negotiations - ireland and united kingdom

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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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The Resolutions
The conflict between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom was headed definitely to an end through the “Peace Process”, which included the declaration stopping fire from most ofthe paramilitary organizations, the complete abandon of their weapons (disarm), the reform of the police and the withdrawal of the army troops from the street and conflictive border areas; such as thesouth of Armagh county and Fermanagh county. It was like this that the Belfast Agreement was signed (commonly known as the Good Friday). The purpose of the Good Friday was to reiterate the traditionalBritish position, which had not been acknowledged before by the successive Irish governments.
Northern Ireland would continue to be part of the United Kingdom until most of them voted otherwise. Onthe other hand, the British government admitted it, for the first time, as part of the “Irish Dimension”, the social norm that Ireland, like everything, posses the right to be without any kind ofpressure or interference to be to resolve problems between the north and the south with a mutual agreement.
The last declaration coming from this resolution played a big role in the agreement inbetween Republicans and Nationalists. It also established a delegated government with the power distributed in the center of Northern Ireland (This government was suspended from October 14, 2002 until May8, 2007), because the government in the province is to be formed by Unionists and Nationalists simultaneously.
By the end of the ‘80s, Sin Fein led by Gerry Adams looked to negotiate an exit to theconflict. This is how secret meeting started between Gerry Adams and some representatives of the British government. In July 28, 2005 all the IRA units (Irish Republican Army) received orders to getrid of their weapons. All the Volunteers from the Ulster Volunteer Forces were told to help with the develop of program that were purely politic and democratic by pacific means and were not allowed to...
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